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    Restaurant Choice

    Awards 2017


    Our restaurant is located in the center of Ancient Athens. With a unique view of Acropolis, we offer you a gastronomic pleasure beyond imagination.

    Menu 2.0

    Main Dishes Options

    Time provided for food:12:00-00:00h
    • Tenderloin
      with vegetable purée and sweet red wine sauce
    • Beef Steak
      with oven baked potatoes
    • Fish of The Day
      with olive and lemon sauce. Served with lentil salad
    • Moussaka
    • Grilled Chicken Fillet
      with olive and lemon sauce. Served with mixed rice


    Time provided for drinks:All Day and Night
    • Draft Beer
      the moose
    • Coke
      soft drink
    • Diet Coke
      soft drink
    • Lemonade
      soft drink
    • Soda
      soft drink


    Best Restaurant Choice

    Athensout.gr news, Dec 12, 2019

    One of the Best

    European Restaurant

    Gastronews.gr, Oct 23, 2020


    Restaurant Choice

    Gastrogreece.gr, july 12, 2020
    Taste the richness of minimalism

    “Sure judgement and patient craftsmanship make this restaurant a must-visit

    An amazing cafe restaurant with the most amazing view: The Acropolis. They provide excellent services, their products are of high quality, and most importantly, their food is extremely tasteful. The waiters are very polite and obliging.  Bravo!

    Ilias Matarage
    Apostolou Pavlou 35 Thiseio, Athens 11851 Greece
    Pantelis Lontos
    Fierce food served with attitude and style