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Dine with the amazing view of Acropolis


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Balcony to Acropolis. .

«I reach out my hand and I get a feeligh that I can actually touch Acropolis!»

Said a company of friends that visited us recently…

                                               … and between us… this is not an overstatement!


We call it “Balcony to Acropolis” because this is exactly what it is. From the tinny balconies of the neoclassical building’s top floor, you get the illusion that you will reach out your hand and you will touch Acropolis, this unsurpassed miracle of the antiquity that so heavily it has been discussed, admired and adored!

We watch it every day, but we can never get enough of it. Because no matter how many times we watch it, whatever time a day, Acropolis has the power to remain indisputably enchanting throughout the passage of time. And to us, regardless of its age and countless recognitions, this charm is what makes it UNIQUE in the world!




About us. .

Situated at Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian street, in a neoclassical Athenian building with an astonishing view of Actorpolis, “lontos” is an All-day Café Restarant and the first one that opened in the area of Thissio in 1980 . Expanded in five different levels of interior and exterior spaces, its minimal decoration combines harmonically the classical with the modern, creating this way a warm and hospitable environment. Its menu consists of delicious dishes, based on the popular “creative greek cusine” together with a Mediterranean scent. Its exceptionally high quality is emphasized by a persistence into using the finest products that the Greek land and the Greek producers have to offer. And all these are offered in totally reasonable prices, which can completely satisfy the demands of a business dinner, a family gathering or merely a company of friends’ night-out!


Spread in 5 different levels, all interior and exterior spaces of the neoclassical Athenian building, create a peaceful environment where you can enjoy our Chef’s delicious dished with a spectacular view of Acropolis!


Enjoy your coffee during a sunny day or your cocktail under the starry Athenian sky, right underneath Acropolis!

All the restaurant’s spaces are offered for private events












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Cafe – Restaurant lontos
Apostolou Pavlou 35, Thissiο.
+30 210 3463844

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